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The Dwarf Who Dreamt Being a Dragon
#2Bard.7 / Figther.4 / Arti.9
#3Bard.7 / Fighter.2 / Cleric.11
#4Fighter.6 / Cleric.14
#4bLucky Tanky Healer (after lesser reincarnation)
stats - skills
#5Lucky Rocky Healer
#6Fantasmazing Paladragon
#6bFantasbulous Paladragon

Karnarys InKarnation

Pale Trapper
   Class: Wizard.18 / Rogue.2
   Arcane eTR: +1 Energy Criticals
Deadly Bard
   Class: Bard.18 / Fighter.2
   Martial eTR: +1 Doublestrike
Ballista Sniper
   Class: Pal.14 / Arti.1 / Rog.5
   Martial eTR: +2 Doublestrike
xBow Rogue
   Class: Rogue 20
   Martial eTR: +3 Doublestrike
Bow Ranger
   Class: Ranger 20
   Primal eTR: Doubleshot I
   Primal eTR: Doubleshot II
Monkcher Deluxe Edition
   Class: Monk 6 / Ranger 6 / Fighter 8
   Primal eTR: Doubleshot III
Monkcher Deluxe Edition II
   Class: Monk.8 / Ranger.6 / Fighter.6
   Divine eTR: Brace I
Stormy under the weather
   Class: Sorcerer 20
   Race: DragonBorn
   Martial eTR: Enchant Weapon I
Stormy King
   Class: Sorcerer 20 (eTR)
   Race: DragonBorn
   Martial eTR: Enchant Weapon II
   Classes: Arti 1 / Favored Soul 10 / Monk 9
   Race: Half-Elf
   Divine eTR: Brace II
Zingarian Barbarian
   Classes: Barbarian 20
   Race: Human
   Divine eTR: Brace III
   Classes: Cleric 15 / Paladin 4 / Wizard 1
   Race: Dwarf
Charming Bard
   Classes: Bard 20
   Race: Human
   Primal eTR: Color of the Queen I
   Past Life: Druid
Unknown Warlock
   Classes: Warlock 20
   Race: Dragonborn
Artificer PL
   Classes: Rogue 6 / Artificer 8 / Fighter 6
   Race: Gnome
   Primal eTR:Color of the Queen II
Alchemist PL
   Classes: : Alchemist 20
   Race: Gnome
Gnome PL
   Classes:: Rogue 6 / Arti.4 / Fighter 10
   Race: Gnome


#1Warforged Vanguard Paladin 20
#2PDK Vandguard Paladin (Pal.15/FVS.4/Wiz.1)
#3Stormy Cleric 20
#4Storm Raider (Clr.17/Pal.3)

Hard Core Season II

MeKarnarys : Arti-Fighter
Fumble The WiziFicer : Arti-Wizard